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the women’s century: guide to chapters …

Before 1901: A Woman’s Place

gives an overview of women’s status and roles before the 20th century

1900–1914: Deeds not Words

covers the suffragette movement and profiles Annie Kenney and Lady Constance Lytton

1914–1918: On Her their Lives Depend

deals with women’s work in the First World War – it includes profiles of Vera Brittain and Edith Cavell

The 1920s: The Modern Miss

covers the period which saw women gain the vote and an improved status under the law – it includes profiles of Marie Stopes and Lady Astor

The 1930s: Domestic Bliss or Suburban Neurosis

surveys the decade in which women (with a few exceptions) seem to disappear from the scene – it includes profiles of ‘Red’ Ellen Wilkinson and Amy Johnson

1939–1945: What Did You Do in the War, Mummy?

deals with the enormous contribution that women made to the war effort – it includes profiles of Violet Szabo and Vera Lynn

The 1940s/1950s: From Housewives’ Choice to Rock and Roll

covers the immediate post war years which saw changing expectations, the ending of the marriage bar and calls for equal pay – it includes profiles of Jill Craigie and Rosalind Franklin

The 1960s: Dolly Birds and Double Standards

questions whether the ‘swinging sixties’ really brought women freedom – it includes profiles of Mary Stott OBE and Mary Quant OBE

The 1970s: Feminists or Free Spirits?

deals with second wave feminism and the sexual revolution – it profiles Baroness Barbara Castle and Erin Pizzey

The 1980s/1990s: Having it All?

considers the period dominated by images of Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana – it profiles Dame Anita Roddick OBE and Baroness Patricia Scotland QC

Key dates

includes some of the milestones of ‘the women’s century’

Further reading

lists books of interest arranged under author